Statement on COVID-19 vaccines Medical Committee, World Transplant Games Federation 2021.2.1

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Medical Committee, World Transplant Games Federation2021.2.1
The Medical Committee of the World Transplant Games Federation today strongly recommended that the worldwide transplant population be vaccinated for COVID-19.
 Committee Chair, Dr Ka-Foon Chau, and Committee Member, Dr Paul Harden, issued a joint statement emphasizing the importance of vaccination for transplant recipients.
“The development of vaccines offers a very positive means of potentially controlling COVID-19 and ultimately allowing a return to a more normal way of life,” their statement said.
“Transplant patients are immuno-suppressed and at risk of infection. We strongly recommend that you take the vaccine unless there is a clear medical contraindication such as previous severe allergic reactions to vaccination, which is very rare. Owing to the variable availability of the types of vaccine in your country, we would advise that you consult with your transplant specialist if you have any doubt.”
The Statement explained that there were currently eight vaccines submitted to World Health Organization (WHO) for approval. Because of the difference in study protocol, different vaccines could not be compared directly. Currently several vaccines have been shown in clinical trials to be effective and have been approved by National and International Regulatory authorities.
“These vaccines have a good safety record and are safe to be used in transplant recipients.”
The Medical Committee noted that many recipients had already been vaccinated in several countries and to date there had been no significant adverse outcomes reported.
The Committee will continue to gather evidence to give recipients across the world confidence that they can be vaccinated safely.
“The importance of social distancing, frequent hand washing and wearing a face mask in order to prevent contracting COVID-19 is still vital if recipients are to remain healthy and free of the disease,” they concluded.
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